CLR International is committed to gender equality. Our approach emphasizes equitable gender participation in all phases of the development process and the empowerment of women and girls – with greater engagement from men and boys – as one of the outcomes development. We assist non-profit organizations, implementing agencies and donors in:

  • conducting gender analyses and helping integrate gender considerations into planned or ongoing projects by addressing gender-based disparities through a relevant set of measures and actions.
  • conducting gender analyses and gender assessments for the country, institutional and sector strategies, and also for work plans.
  • helping design gender-specific interventions (or interventions that have gender equality or women and girls’ empowerment as their primary objective) in a range of sectors, namely, citizen security and violence, education, labor market participation, citizen participation and leadership, reproductive health, transport and public infrastructure.
  • hands-on training for staff of implementing agencies, project managers, and project teams to enhance gender awareness and to strengthen in-house capacity to recognize and address gender issues at all stages of the project life cycle.