CLR International leverages its extensive and varied experience with donors and development initiatives, to provide capacity-building assistance to local non-profit organizations to strengthen their governance and management to effectively meet their goals and fulfill their mission.

Organizational Assessments

Our approach to organizational assessments emphasizes:

  • collecting information from stakeholders to identify what is working well, what can be improved and what are the root causes of the problems encountered.
  • assessing existing systems, services, governance, and management.
  • identifying key steps to initiate and create change going forward.
  • developing plans and mechanisms to implement, monitor, and track changes introduced.

Strategic Planning

We assist organizations seeking to enhance their business practices and their effectiveness with the preparation of their strategic plan, using an approach that emphasizes:

  • collaborating with key stakeholders to assess the context in which the organization is operating and the main challenges it is facing.
  • identifying relevant solutions and actions to address the most crucial challenges.
  • developing a strategic plan that reflects stakeholders’ inputs and that summarizes actions to be taken to address the challenges identified.
  • developing appropriate mechanisms to track the plan’s implementation and its long-term sustainability.

Proposal and Grant Writing

This service is designed to strengthen the in-house capabilities of non-
profits and small socially conscious enterprises. We work with our clients in this area to:

  • develop guidelines for preparing clear and concise proposals.
  • adapt useful tools (instructions, checklists, proposal and cover letter templates), to meet donors’ compliance requirements.
  • identify available resources that can be of help (i.e. free grants-writing websites, networks of grant-writing volunteers and scholarships to attend proposal writing short courses).

Board Governance

We support organizations seeking to create effective boards or strengthen existing ones through recruitment, engagement, and development, by:

  • helping clarify who does what in the organization to serve its mission and the line between board and staff.
  • helping find the right people for their board (support and expertise).
  • developing guidelines and mechanisms for staff to communicate with and engage the board.

Fund-Raising and Donor Diversification

Our work with non-profit organizations seeking to diversify their funding base focuses on:

  • adjusting their resources and organizational practices to shift to a “culture of fundraising” towards long-term financial independence.
  • developing a capacity building plan to ensure that the organization has a fund-raising capability.
  • strengthening the board of directors as a key step to opening doors to donors.